Imagine having a complete, secure, online documentation resource that contains everything your staff needs to perform their jobs. It’s the ideal reference and training solution for any department

BankNotesā„¢ captures and documents your operational workflows and corresponding procedures. Based on a proven documentation methodology it gives you customized content delivered online. Your processes and procedures will be organized, thoroughly documented, searchable, and easy to maintain.

What value does BankNotes™ bring to my business?

  • Validates Operational Workflows
  • Increases Operational Efficiency
  • Reduces Operational Errors
  • Reduces Support Costs
  • Reduces Training Costs
  • Reduces Outstanding Issue Resolution Time
  • Consolidates all of your documentation into one secure location, accessible via secured login

What can I document with a BankNotes™ site?

You can use your BankNotesā„¢ site to organize and post any kind of content you want in any way that you want. Examples include:

For an example of each of the types of content, click the link above or in the navigation area on the right.

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